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This website is a love letter – to Brevard

In the 1980’s, I spent my summers here, planted at Camp Carolina. In the outdoors. In Pisgah National Forest.

In those days, our priorities were Sliding Rock, Turtle(back) Falls, Art Loeb Trail, Blue Ridge Mountain views, and dances with Rockbrook (or Illahee, or Merrie-Woode).

As we entered the 90’s, I had the pleasure of returning as a counselor; a position I enjoyed so much, that I returned every subsequent summer until graduation. Teaching Arts & Crafts. I enjoyed every moment.

This region, this city, the people, and the lifestyle, all had a measurable impact on me. While I wandered around in my early professional life, I often reflected back on my time here. In Brevard specifically. And to the lessons – direct & indirect – that it taught me.

Now, years later, I have the opportunity to share an online snapshot of a place (and region) I hold so dear.

Brevard.com will primarily serve as a hybrid travel guide and publication. Highlighting our region to both locals & visitors. Providing an avenue where visitors can browse the plethora of outdoor adventures in our area, and providing a channel where new (or existing) local businesses can expand their online footprint. All focused on Brevard, and the surrounding WNC mountains.

This is a special place. We hope you visit one day. More to come.

Peter Askew



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photo credit: Wes Rabb