Frequently Asked Questions

Pisgah National Forest - Brevard, NC

Are you the Chamber of Commerce / Convention & Visitors Bureau?

Nah, we’re not, but they’re awesome, and they do a tremendous job promoting Brevard and the surrounding WNC area. Their website can be found here: We’re just a group of friends who love Brevard, and the WNC region, and had the unique opportunity to acquire & develop this domain name.

Who’s behind this website?

[this site has been recently acquired – new owners will be announced soon]

Why’d you build this website?

‘Cause it seemed like it’d be fun. We wanted to help further share how unique this little spot is. There are a lot of folks in the region that don’t realize how special Brevard is – so we’d like to help spread the word.

I noticed the ads – does the site make a lot of money?

Not really. If we’re ever able to eek out a profit, we plan to re-invest a substantial portion back into local non-profits like Muddy Sneakers, the Pisgah Conservancy, and Pisgah Area Sorba (to list a few).

Do you live here?

We split our time in between Highlands, Brevard, and Atlanta. As the years pass, we continue finding ourselves in Brevard more and more.

How’d you get the domain name?

Oh boy, sorta long story. The condensed version is this: In early 2018, we noticed up for auction on a domain name marketplace online. Having grown up in the Brevard area, it seemed like a neat opportunity to acquire and develop a hyper-local online resource for locals & travelers. So we saved up some money, acquired it, and spent 9 months building & developing what you see here.

I have a local business, can I get listed?

Of course, just drop us a line. We’ll always provide a free listing option for Local businesses. In order to cover expenses, we’ll also allow for Premium sponsors, and local-focused banners to run across the site.

I’m an amateur photographer, can I showcase some photos here?

Sure, just reach out. Once we’re able to recognize a profit, we plan to hire local photographers to capture more images of the outdoor oasis we all enjoy here. We’ll always give credit to photographers on our Credits page.

This website is the most beautiful creation my eyes have ever witnessed.

No one actually asked, or said this. The website took me a long time to build – so I thought I’d just tell myself that. A big thank you wave to Jill Lynn Designs for her talents & guidance, and to Michael Colonna for donating a great mountain biking photograph (seen on our credits page).