Launch Day White Squirrel NC

Well, today we launch.

9 months ago, we acquired this domain name. At that time, we weren’t quite sure what to do with it. We only knew that the domain name needed a good home. So we bought it – with no blueprint in front of us.

We considered a few routes for development:

  • A forum for Brevard NC residents

Intriguing, but it excluded visitor information for the area, which we felt was important.

  • An eCommerce shop selling Brevard & white squirrel products

That had possibilities, but seemed one dimensional.

  • Or avoid development at all, and just hold the domain until a later point

That just seemed boring.

So we went with our gut, and what it told us – to develop a city-centric mini-publication and travel guide, one that’s written for locals & travelers. One that’ll help expose the soul of the city, the soul of the area. The small things that make Brevard special. The large things that make Brevard special. The everything’s that make Western North Carolina, WNC.

So that’s what we built.

This is our marathon. Our pride & joy. Our excuse for more outside time. More waterfalls, more hiking, more biking, more photography, more fly fishing, more music, more — unplugged.

Thank you for reading. We’re really happy to be here. Until next time, here’s a video of the balloon spinner in front of O.P. Taylor’s Toy Store downtown: