Looking Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls - Summer Swimming Hole - Brevard NC
Looking Glass Falls - Bottom Pool
Looking Glass Falls Brevard NC
Looking Glass Falls

Quite possibly the easiest of all local Brevard waterfalls to view & enjoy. The falls are located on the side of U.S. Highway 276, and showcase a 60 foot waterfall drop into a wide basin pool.

Due to its convenient location, and ease of access (wheel chair accessible at the top), it’s a very popular location for locals & travelers to visit. During the summers, the basin pool becomes an active swimming hole, with several depths for families or individuals to enjoy. Most depths are waist or ankle high, making it easy to wade around.

To access the bottom, visitors simply park on the side of US 276, and descend down approximately 50-100 stairs.

Below is a video we captured during Fall/Autumn one year – it really captures how special this spot is:

Looking Glass Falls, Brevard, NC, USA
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