Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls in Gorges State Park - Brevard, NC

One of the tallest waterfalls in the region, towering over 125 feet in height. Rainbow Falls gets its name from the mist that’s generated & often creates a rainbow effect when the sun is bright.

To hike to Rainbow Falls, visitors access Gorges State Park off of NC Hwy 281 and park near the trailhead. Follow the marked path upstream to the base of Rainbow Falls. You can continue north if you’re interested in the view from the top. Use extreme caution when visiting the top of the falls. There have been too many instances of injury (and even death) from visitors being too adventurous.

Trail length is approx 1.5 miles, uphill in many sections.

Here are some helpful Google 360-degree photos, the first from the bottom, and the second from the top:



Photo “Rainbow Falls” by bobistraveling is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Rainbow Falls, Sapphire, NC
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