Moore Cove Falls - Brevard NC

Moore Cove Falls

A moderate difficulty hike located conveniently near Sliding Rock and Looking Glass Falls on US Highway 276. The hike of .75 miles (1.5 miles round trip) to Moore …

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Rainbow Falls in Gorges State Park - Brevard, NC

Rainbow Falls

One of the tallest waterfalls in the region, towering over 125 feet in height. Rainbow Falls gets its name from the mist that's generated & often creates a …

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Sliding Rock Brevard NC

Sliding Rock

Sliding Rock is a personal favorite, not just of ours, but to generations of visitors who've dropped by to enjoy this natural occurring slip-n-slide. Located on the Davidson River, …

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Turtleback Falls - Gorges State Park - Brevard, NC

Turtleback Falls

Located on Horsepasture River within Gorges State Park, Turtleback (aka. Turtle) Falls is an open rockface waterfall that can also be enjoyed as a slip-n-slide in summer months. …

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Skinny Dip Falls Bridge - Brevard NC

Skinny Dip Falls

Skinny Dip Falls is a personal favorites of ours, as a waterfall & hidden swimming hole, collectively. It has a tropical paradise feel similar to a Hawaiian utopia. …

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Triple Falls Dupont Forest - Brevard NC

Triple Falls

Triple Falls is the third waterfall located on Little River, and showcases 3 sequential waterfalls with over 120 feet of vertical drop. Its main vantage point can be …

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