Triple Falls

Triple Falls Dupont Forest - Brevard NC
Triple Falls, Base Rocks, Dupont Forest - Brevard NC
Triple Falls Base, Dupont Forest - Brevard NC

Triple Falls is the third waterfall located on Little River, and showcases 3 sequential waterfalls with over 120 feet of vertical drop. Its main vantage point can be enjoyed from an observation railing which is located roughly 1 mile from Hooker Falls parking area. The hike there has some uphill sections – but is well marked and maintained.

Visitors are also able to descend a staircase from the main trail to the base plateau of Triple Falls to enjoy an up-front view of the 3 distinct falls. The currents can become quite strong, so no swimming or wading is allowed. And for safety reasons, rock climbing is prohibited.

Access the falls by parking at the Hooker Falls parking area, and hiking in.

Triple Falls, Little River, NC, USA
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