Turtleback Falls

Turtleback Falls - Gorges State Park - Brevard, NC

Located on Horsepasture River within Gorges State Park, Turtleback (aka. Turtle) Falls is an open rockface waterfall that can also be enjoyed as a slip-n-slide in summer months.

As a slip-n-slide, visitors slide down the face of the Falls, then enjoy a (roughly) 10 foot drop into an open basin pool. On the open faceThe same river flows downstream to Rainbow Falls, so extreme caution should be used when enjoying the waterslide.

To access the Turtleback, visitors access Gorges State Park off of NC Hwy 281 and park near the trailhead for Rainbow Falls. Follow the marked path upstream to Rainbow Falls, which is approx 1.5 miles in length (uphill in many areas). The marked trail ends here, but you continue north about .25 miles to Turtleback Falls.



Photo “Turtleback Falls” by bobistraveling is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Turtleback Falls, Lake Toxaway, NC
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